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Our Mission

Commercial Capital Limited’s Satisfaction Guarantee 

We guarantee quick approvals and/or denials. Our experienced underwriters will look at your loan and give you quick answers–no long waiting periods!Quick approvals and/or denials. Our experienced underwriters will look at your loan and give you quick answers–no long waiting periods! Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their business needs speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best.


02. Our Dedicated underwriters:

Have done hundreds of commercial loans and actually will work with you to structure the loan for maximum approval. Often, just structuring the deal differently or adding back a one time item and pointing it out can get a deal that has been denied approved. Or get you more favorable terms.
We will do this work for free, in essence giving you free pre-approval. No large upfront deposits!


03.We Treat You and Your Business with Respect

We will spell out to you in plain English the exact rates and points and terms that we can provide. If you accept it, we will collect a small upfront deposit but we GUARANTEE those exact terms or you are entitled to your money back. With us, you will only pay if we get you the best deal at the terms you have accepted! No strings or hassles–the way it should be.

Ever week, we will update you as to the status of your loan. No more waiting for months for an answer because a loan is in “committee”. You’ll always know where you stand. 

In addition, because we have access to both local banks in all regions throughout the country, large nationwide lenders, and Wall Street money, we can almost always give you the best total terms available. Monthly payments on our loan products could be thousands less per month than on deals from your local bank. And our products will more often closely match your needs.

  • Asset Base Lines of Credit

  • ​Bridge and Hard Money Loans

  • Built to suit
  • Church
  • Construction Loans
  • Contract Finance
  • Commercial Development 
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Franchise Financing
  • Healthcare and Medical Financing 
  • Hotels
  • Mergers and Business Acquisition
  • Mix Use
  • Project Financing 
  • SBA Loan Program                                 

  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit 

Comprehensive lending you and your company can trust.

We have learned the nuances of the commercial lending arena and now have the team in place to provide the great rates and flexibility of a broker with the underwriting knowledge of direct lenders. In so doing, we can fill the void between the local commercial bank with its slow approvals, rigid terms, zero follow-up and restrictive criteria and the “hard money” lenders who will give you 15%+ rates.

In fact, we will help structure the deal and can often get the loan approved with banks and lenders that you would be unable to get done. Plus, we are now correspondent lenders with several national banks–which means better pricing for you and your clients; and we have access to all of the nationwide lenders and direct conduits to Wall Street money.

As the numbers of deals we do grow, and the database of lenders that respect our underwriting grows, our ability to provide truly the finest service and terms available is reaching new highs. When you bring your deal to us, you are getting a partner that will help you get the right deal for your dream!

We ask only 3 things from you (here is the catch):

1-Honesty. Let us know up front about the “issue” that might kill the loan. Chances are we can work around it given time. It will ultimately be found out; and if that happens just before closing, the deal dies and so does that lending source for future fundings.

2-Help us by getting our required documents in a timely fashion. We never ask for documentation that is not absolutely necessary to close your loan. The faster we receive it, the faster we can get you funded.

3-Agree to provide 2 referrals to us during your time in process. By having you tell others about us we can spend less time marketing and more time closing your loan.
Together, we can make your commercial loan process a smooth one.


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