• Asset Base Lines of Credit
  • Blanket loans-Multiple properties
  • Bridge and Hard Money Loans​
  • Commercial Development and Construction Loans
  • Contract Finance
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Franchise Financing
  • Healthcare and Medical Financing 
  • Project Financing
  • Private Equity/Joint Ventur​e 
  • SBA Loan Program                                              
  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

We are a commercial mortgage lender to the healthcare industry providing healthcare financing for a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Assisted Living
  • For Profit and Not for Profit Hospitals
  • Seniors Housing
  • Independent Care Centers
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Medical Office Buildings and Condos​​

Mixed Use:

Shopping centers

Office Buildings

Special use properties

  • Residential / Commercial / Retail
  • $1,000,000 – $100,000,000
  • Non-recourse available

 Mezzanine Financing

  • Mezzanine financing is a hybrid between debt and equity. In a multi-tiered financing of an operation, for instances, the sources of money will be:
  • Senior debt
  • Senior subordinated debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Owner’s own equity

 In other words, the mezzanine lender is very close to being last to get paid if something goes wrong.

Mezzanine financing is a loan to the owner with terms that subordinate the loan both to different levels of senior debt as well as to secured junior debt. But the mezzanine lender typically has a warrant (meaning a legal right fixed in writing) enabling him or her to convert the security into equity at a predetermined price per share if the loan is not paid on time or in full. Many variants exist, of course, the most common being that a portion of the money is paid back as equity.

Apartment Loans:

  • Fannie
  • Freddie
  • CMBS
  • Life Companies
  • Stated Income
  • Rehab
  • Construction
  • EB-5 funding
  • Hard Money
  • 20% down, 25% down, 30% down – we have the loan for you
  • $250,000 – $1,000,000
  • $1,000,000, – $5,000,000
  • $5,000,000 – $20,000,000
  • $20,000,000 – $100,000,000+
  • We have lenders for all types and sizes of apartment loan
  • Bridge / Rehab funding
  • Non-recourse for the right asset
  • No Tax Return Loan

Bridge Loans & Hard Money Loans

Many times a company is approved for a loan through its bank, or financial institution, but the loan doesn’t close for 4-6 months. During that time we can provide a short-term bridge loan, which will be paid back when the senior loan closes, so your short-term financial needs can be met.

We can also provide other types of short-term collateralized loans and can usually close in 10 days or less.

  • Apartments
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Commercial properties
  • Turn around / rehab / lease up
  • $250,000 – $75,000,00​+


Church Lending:

  • All faiths and denominations
  • Traditional and bond financing available
  • Schools – daycare or K-12 
  • Church loan application form
  • We can help when your bank says NO.

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